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"Leveling the playing field in Atlanta and beyond."

At Double Play ATL, we are driven by a single goal; to help kids who want to play but lack the gear. In our small way, we want to make the world a better place.  We strive to build community relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. Since 2017, with the help of our community, 45 partners and through 33 gear drives, we have donated over 10,000 pieces of equipment estimated at $100,000+(as of June 2023). Through our partnerships with several Fortune 500 companies like Nike and Dicks Sporting Goods, we have expanded our mission to recycle not just sports gear, but athletic shoes and jeans. These are turned into playgrounds and home insulation.

In 2020, we established the Double Play ATL needs-based scholarship in partnership with Northside Youth League(NYO), one of the largest intra-league youth sports programs in the country. We sponsored our first scholarship in November of 2020. In 2023, we raised a record $3000 (5 scholarships for athletes) through Westminster's Alternative Gift Fair and donors. In 2022, in partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods, we provided $300 in new gear.

In 2021, with funds awarded by YOU International, we supported the Jordan Sloan GoFundMe, a local athlete. Special thanks to PopMenu for a scholarship to help create the NYO Gear Borrow Dugout and for Roswell Recreation for donating 20 pitching machines. Finally, inspired by our partners, Atlanta leader Greg Goodwin and MLB's Marquis Grissom, who taught that financial literacy was perhaps even more important than gear equity, Triple Play ATL was born.

2022 was an incredible year. Over 1000+ gear donated and 150 bats in January alone! 500 athletic shoes were collected at our partnership with Westminster's First Day of Service- the only project to involved the lower, middle, and upper school! Funded by a Glenn Institute grant and leading a team of 11, James Rhee created the new Gear Borrow Dugout at NYO and hosted his free Triple Play Financial Literacy Talks in partnership with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America for Therrell High School students in partnership with MLB's Will Benson.

2023 brought together the team work of NYO, Merrill Lynch, Atlanta community and California finance leaders to work together to level the playing field! Through Westminster's JanTerm Program- an experiential learning quarter- led by James Rhee, we spearheaded a new AED fundraiser, worked to make sure all the AEDs of our NYO community were working (3 of 8 assessed were broken then repaired), hosted a gear drive, and led a Triple Play financial education seminar for the underserved in SW Dekalb.

2023 has been our best year ever! Together with our biggest partnership yet -680 The Fan, the official radio station of the Braves-  7 additional gear drives were done in additional to the usual drives!  680, The Fan estimated over 100K(if new) gear was collected.  As well, Iowa and the Virgin Islands were new donation partners.  In two years, Double Play has doubled its partnerships and gear collected!  Finally, 2023 brought the first chapters of Double Play at Westminter and in Zurich, Switzerland under "Let the Kids Play" Club. Please reach out to us if you want to start one where you are!

Breaking news for 2023: Double Play and NYO- one of the largest intra-youth leagues serving 8,000- is merging! Our unified goal is to continue large-scale gear drives and chapters across the nation and world!

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"Service is the price you pay for your room and board here on earth."

Thank you to a great role model, Greg Goodwin, for sharing his family philosophy with us.

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Get in touch with Double Play ATL  to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.
-James and Julia Rhee

Atlanta, GA


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