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Here at The Double Play Organization, we’re committed helping kids who want to play but lack the gear. Since 2017, in partnership with our community and 40+ organizations. we have donated 10,027+ pieces of equipment, estimated at $100,000 worth of gear to our local community and beyond. 10% has been donated nationally and internationally. In recent years, through partnerships with Nike and Madewell, we have grown to recycle not just sports gear but athletic shoes and jeans. These have been transformed into turf fields and housing insulation. In 2020, Double Play ATL is excited to start a scholarship at our local recreation league, NYO, to help kids who want to play but cannot because of financial issues due to Covid-19. In 2021, James founded Triple Play Financial Literacy in partnership with Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. In 2022, we created a Triple Play Gear Borrow Closet that impacted 5,000, and in 2023, spearheaded a fundraiser for AEDs and partnered to make sure all the AEDs were functional at our local recreation league, a total of 9, after the collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin in early January 2023.

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